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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Winter Colors

The other day on Facebook a friend and I were lamenting the dreary winter we are having. It isn't cold, which is a good thing, but that means no snow and thus the world around here could be described as gray. With splashes of mud.

This morning on Instagram a teacher had her students go out and find small natural items that were "a color". Then they brought them back to the classroom and paired them up with small squares of matching colored paper. It just goes to show it is how you look at something. The array of color all spread out on the table was pretty amazing.

So, I had to take a short walk today to show bursitis who's boss and decided to look for winter colors. Here is what I found.

Yellow Cottonwood leaf

Mahogany Cottonwood leaf with little green moss and grass

White Snowberries

Merlot colored  Oregon Grape

Lime green lichen

Multi colored stones with brown pine needles

Sage green lichen. I think this is one that makes dye, but I have other things to do than scrape the quarter size blobs off the asphalt. That would be a project for the wet side of Washington, where the blobs are the size of dinner plates!

Red rose hips. Sorry it's blurry, these were the last two left on this giant bush and of course they were waaayyy at the top. This was as good as it was going to get without me falling in the river!

Golden lichen and a wide variety of green ones, this tree was practically its own ecosystem.

Blue sky and teal water, green trees and yellow grasses

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