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Thanks for checking in. I am a fiber artist. My current emphasis is on eco printing and other wildcraft with a touch of up-cycling thrown in. You can also catch up with me on Facebook at Drye Goods Studio.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It has been a while...

Time does get away from me where this blog is concerned. What have I been doing with my days? Let's check the magic camera phone to find out.

Putting new things on my Etsy shop

Getting new work done for my next show

Teaching a class

Checking up on the Spokane River, this is at a place called Donkey Island, which most of the year is a peninsula, but for a few weeks in the spring, it gets to live up to its name.

Watching the seasons change. Today, apparently that will be all in one day. Since I got up we had a tiny bit of sun, followed by rain and now it is snowing, but not in a serious sort of way.