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Thanks for checking in. I am a fiber artist. My current emphasis is on eco printing and other wildcraft with a touch of up-cycling thrown in. You can also catch up with me on Facebook at Drye Goods Studio.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Show Prep

I will be at Custer's Spring Arts and Crafts Fair at the Spokane County Fairgrounds this weekend. This is the first one since last November and I would love to say I had it all down to a science. At first, I had all these wonderful pictures of everything all laid out just needing to be popped into a box. Yeah right.
This is after the sorting process-what goes to the show, what stays here for Etsy pictures and what goes to The Pottery Place.
This is a new jacket I did, the feature fabric came from a trip to Southern California to visit my sister, the rest required tea dyeing to get everything on the same wavelength.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Winter isn't gone yet!

Last night's blizzard was amazing to watch. I was working the artists' co-op and watching it come down sideways. This morning everything was beautiful and clean looking-all that tired late winter blah is covered up.

 This little guy is having breakfast at our impromptu bird feeder-which turned out great because most of the mess stays in the hanging basket and below is my studio door.
Once again, I have managed to make something that "goes with" absolutely nothing else in my booth! I have had these little moon man buttons sitting around forever and decided to see if I could turn them into some kind of hair ornament, alas they are ceramic and I fear much to heavy to stay in anybody's hair for very long so they became lapel pins instead.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Winter views

I went to my friend's house last week for a brief rest. Mostly, we sat around and sewed. I am getting ready for art fair season to start so I was making flowers, pins or hair ornaments. It is one of those things that seems rather shallow at first glance, but I have a blast letting one idea lead to another.

 I went for a walk and took some photos, she has a caboose on her property so a picture of the rusty side was mandatory as was a drop of water and the bench. The bench sums up the way I feel about her place, which is a place to go for rest and renewal.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Time for a Real Introduction!

I have been so busy playing around with the gadgets, the rest of this looks empty! Since I generally feel that the internet is one of the biggest time sucking black holes ever invented it surprises me just as much as anybody that I decided to do this. For the last 13 years or so I have been making clothing and selling it at fairs and other venues. I also make mixed media art-books, mobiles, paintings, etc. Recently, I have been experimenting with encaustic and have found a new love. I show this work now and again when the opportunity arises. The clothing tends to get its day in the sun (and rain, snow, hail, hurricane force winds-you name it)at art fairs around the region as well as stores, galleries and the co-op I belong to Pottery Place Plus. The poor mixed media tends to hang out in the loft. I find it strange that once you do one thing, you are pegged for life. People even find it unusual that I make more than one type of clothing. Working in series is great; right now I have a thing going on with scarves that has inspired more ideas for garments than I will ever get done in this lifetime or the next. I also have just started a mixed media series based on the big spoons and forks from the sixties-again more ideas than I can get done. I just can't figure out where the rule got written that an artist is more creative if all they do is the same thing over and over and over. So, I decided that maybe a blog would be a better way for people to get to know me and what all my work is about.
    Besides-if I don't find some place to blow off steam about some of things that have been going on lately I am going to turn into my father-the other day I started yelling at the newspaper! Yes-the actual piece of paper!

Friday, February 11, 2011

This tree is by the Spokane River near my home. It is one of my favorites as it keeps hanging on year after year as the ground around it slowly washes away. There are many rocks stuck in its roots.

I have a new blog! Welcome!

Welcome to my new blog!