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Monday, June 13, 2016

Blue Monday

After a busy weekend (some of it good busy, some of it the bad type) not to mention that catastrophe in Florida, I was out of sorts today while trying to get normal stuff done around the house and get ready to leave for the Edmonds Arts Festival. I got the suitcases packed; heaven only knows what is in them-it is probably worth stopping by the show just to see if I am wearing pajamas out in public. Then I decided maybe what was needed was to go out for a bit. I hit the post office, the bank, the drug store and was about to go to the grocery store when the phone rang. It was my friend Juaquetta, who owns Garden Party Fibers and she said " I was going to call you earlier, but I wasn't sure this was going to work, its old dye, but it is and I wondered if you wanted to come see it-I mean come see the indigo happen!?!!" Not an exact quote but if you read it really fast and out of breath you will get the idea. Who needs groceries?

The fiber goes in white

It looks all swampy and green

Expose it to air and the magic starts to happen! From green to blue!

Woo-hoo Blue!

It lays out in the shade to dry

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