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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I make stuff

I spent Sunday filling out show applications. It cracks me up that some shows want pages of information-including a dozen photographs and a reference from your 3rd grade teacher as to your honesty and character traits and others just want images ("Just the facts ma'am.")Which let's face it, is really what it comes down to. The work. My favorite applications are Zapplication as all one has to do with the pictures is pick out which ones from your stash you think the show organizers or jurors will like, fill in the questions they may or may not ask, pay your money and Presto! You are done. While I am currently making curtains out of my old jury slides and am truly grateful that KODAK quit making slide projectors I think we are still at the stage where digital images are making things a bit tough. If every show in the world would just go to ZAPP standards for images it would solve it all. One show only wanted images and an artists statement, which I think is great-short and to the point. The only problem was they only gave you 200 characters (including spaces). Some art business blog I was reading said you should have an "elevator speech" so that when somebody asks you what you do you have a pat answer. I guess I need to come up with one as while what I finally wrote down isn't quite as brief as the title of this post, it was almost that bad!

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