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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am supposed to be editing photos for my Etsy shop. But tonight's evening news has pretty much made the top of my head come off. Lucky you!
During KREM 2 news tonight they interviewed local high school football players about what college they were "signed" to. Don't they have to apply to college just like everybody else? Like, say, pre-med students?? They had these kids lined up at banquet tables like it was some kind news conference. As a proud parent of male offspring; HAVE YOU EVER ACTUALLY SPOKEN TO A 17 YEAR OLD BOY? Really? They gave them the same kind of time as if they had discovered the cure for cancer!
SPEAKING OF CANCER; did you see what good old Susan G. did? This is a prime example of why I can't stand this organization. This group of over achievers doesn't want to race to anything except their bottom line. As a former breast cancer patient the maudlin advertising for their "----- for the cure" events ( I am afraid to even use the phrase for fear they will sue me as they have others) has made me sick from the moment I found out I had the disease-ten years later it still does for many, many reasons. How dare some giant corporation presume that one kind of cancer is more tragic than another or that they know anything about how I feel about my experience and then use people's perceptions of the disease to raise millions; a lot of which pays large salaries and overhead and cures nothing. Then to have the audacity to sue people that are trying to raise money for the same sort of cancer!
                                                                                                                                                                                                Planned Parenthood provided my health care from the time I was in college until several years into my marriage. My early prenatal care was provided by them free of charge. It provides basic health care for thousands of women who would not receive care elsewhere. How many of them will be die FROM BREAST CANCER due to lack of a mammogram (which is what the money went for) because Susan G is alining themselves with the minority far right in this country?
Why aren't the kids with good grades given the same attention as those in sports? Why don't we celebrate some one that may actually discover the cure for all cancers?

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