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Friday, April 1, 2016

Morning Walk

I have been taking walks in the afternoon lately since it is a nice way to break up the day. By three o'clock I am pretty much spent. As far as the studio is concerned, I call the hours between three and five "the witching hour" in that whatever I am trying to do becomes possessed by demons. These malevolent spirits cause accidents that at the least waste materials and at the worst episodes that require a half a package of Band-Aids to stem the flow.

This evening I am hosting First Friday at Pottery Place Plus. Toni Spencer, one of my favorite fiber artists, is our guest for the month. She does stunning batik that you can see here. I will not have time later for my three o'clock walk as I will be driving into town to the shop. Don't worry-the late afternoon poltergeists don't seem to take over my driving skills.

This morning was so lovely I decided to share. 

The barn down the street

A robin

Another robin (look closely)

Inspiration for embroidery or quilting

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