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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Taking Time

Andy Griffith died today. He was 86. If I lived that long that would be 36 years from now. Due to some genetic issues, diseases I have already lived through and how I have lived my life, I doubt I will make it that long. When I thought about what exactly it would mean to get another 36 years I tried to think back about the last 36 years. 36 years ago I was 14. I think of all the things I experienced, felt and saw since then. It is a lot to think about. What would the next 36 years bring? Would it be as rich and varied as the last 36 years? Who knows? I hope I get that many and hope they are as good.
I know people that are that age, or really close. They are not at all what I would picture somebody 86 would look like when I was 14, or even what any of my relatives looked or acted like when they were that age at the time I knew them. Is that because I am older, or is it because being that age is really different than it used to be?

Last night I watched "The Artist is Present" about Marina Abramovic's retrospective at MOMA. she is 65, I hope I am that connected and vital when I reach her age and beyond. Highly doubtful since in this movie she looks 10 years younger than me to begin with!! Looks aren't everything-but good grief!

I guess this rant got started because of a Facebook post by John Thamm about art sales in Spokane. It got me to thinking about how people of a certain age view Spokane vs. how others of another age do. I don't think younger artists ever expect to sell everything they need/want to sell in the town they live in, here or elsewhere. They view the web and other means as a way to sell their art, what they seem to be looking for is an inspiring environment and handle sales in a variety of ways.

This was a really long way around to tell you I will be at the Whitefish Festival of the Arts this weekend-wasn't it?

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