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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rose colored glasses maybe???

Oh no, it is just October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the month where the whole world is hosed down in pink and everyone is out looking for lumps. Do me a some favors.First remember that while one in 8 women are diagnosed this also means that seven out of eight never develop it. If you did/do develop it please remember that it is probably a combination of genetics with all the wonderful chemicals in our food, water and air that caused this, so when somebody tells you to calm down as "stress causes cancer" you have my permission to relieve your stress by beating the crap out of them as they deserve it. YOU DID NOT DO THIS TO YOURSELF!
And last of all, remember you are not NECESSARILY looking for lumps. Dimples, divots, ditches, strains, or differences between the two sides could all mean something bad. Or they could be nothing at all. Basically, anything that is different than the last time you felt yourself up should be questioned. You have never done a self exam? Better get started.

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