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Hello! I post pictures of my work, my work in progress, my travels, interesting stuff I see in my yard or elsewhere and the very rare rant-always fun! Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Summer into Fall

Wow! I can't believe how long it has been since I posted anything, time does fly! After the Anacortes show in early August I taught my first class in eco printing, it went well. Here are some pictures of us in action and the final results.

Then it was on to Sausalito California for a show over Labor Day weekend and two more shows here at home. In between I have been trying to make good use of the last of the summer greenery. The sunflower leaves are finally ready just as the locust are about done for the year. This scarf also includes pressed leaves from last year and marigolds that didn't get hit by our first frost. The marigolds will yield an olive green, the locust leaves a brighter green and the sunflower will print brown while the pressed leaves will be a purply black.
Now I am traipsing around collecting this years leaves as they change color. Mostly from the parks and yards as the wild trees have pretty much given up with all our hot dry weather this summer. Leaves from the small shrubs and trees I would normally collect and save just shriveled up, turned brown and fell to the ground. I know how they feel, I was at my load limit for heat, dust, smoke and no rain. I am not sure what it is about fall, but it must be the cooler temperatures and the bright blue skies that make this my favorite time of the year.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I am finally here! I am getting some work done while enjoying lovely Washington Park. Later on I will go watch the sunset over the water.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Big Birds, Little Birds

We always have some oddity coming to our feeder. This year it is a wild turkey with 4 young ones. Considering where we live what is actually odd is that none have come before. I think I may have broken Google's cloud trying to get a picture of all of them together. So far, no luck. We figured out she comes up the deck steps to look at the "other turkey" in the sliding glass door. Maybe turkey motherhood is a lonely business. Maybe she was hoping to schedule a play date and get some relief.
On the other hand hummingbird mothers apparently give the old heave ho and let everybody figure it out on their own. We have had several smaller than smalls trying to figure out what to do with a hummingbird feeder. Mostly, they just sit on it and tap at the glass. Again, I am expecting Google to resort to using a telephone to get me to stop trying for the perfect picture."Ms Drye, please knock it off with the bird pictures, you put a crack in our cloud! It can't take much more!"

Friday, July 24, 2015

Gone too Long

When vines start growing up around the steam pot it is a sign one has been out of the studio for too long.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mendocino California

I am here at the Mendocino Arts Center waiting for the show to begin. We had a lovely day at the beach and exploring galleries yesterday and now the work begins. The art center is so beautiful and inspiring, it is sure to be a good day!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Happy Turkey Day!

Today was International Happy Turkey Day at our house. Never heard of it? Neither had I. Turns out, this day is celebrated on the first Wednesday after the 4th of July. Mama turkey arrives in your yard the day before you are supposed to leave for a show in California. I guess tradition holds that once she and her babies arrive, all productive work ceases. Pots boil dry on the stove, laundry molds in the washer etc. This is so that you and any other humans around the place can stand on the deck, or behind trees or sneak around the bird bath to try to observe the turkeys, well, being turkeys. Part of the tradition is also trying to count the number of babies (4) while burning up your phone battery taking grainy motion shots of Mom turkey and her wee ones diving in and out of the perennial border. Turkeys are apparently very camera shy. I ended up way behind on the watering schedule for the yard, as I really didn't want to turn the sprinklers on the baby turkeys. They left, I turned on the sprinklers, and here they were back again! As hot as it is, it is no wonder. I felt like scratching a dip in the ground and sitting in the spray myself.

Later on I went to water flower pots in the front yard and they were out there, heading off to neighbor Neal's to have a bit of chicken scratch before bed I suppose. I can't imagine what Neal's domestic girls think of their wild cousins inviting themselves to dinner.

The best surprise was the gift I received tonight. I went out to the garden to get squash and onions for our dinner, and discovered mom turkey had left a small feather.  The most startling thing about a wild turkey is how big they are, not their coloring. But this feather has the most beautiful subtle shades of grays, browns and tans with small bits of olive green thrown in. I wish I could draw it, but this photo will have to do.

Well, ready or not, I am off to California to visit friends, see galleries and then do the show at Mendocino the 18th and 19th-hope to see you there!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Off to Lake Oswego!

I will be at Art in the Park in Lake Oswego this weekend, come by and say hi!